Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura

Been covering classes for the head of the photography department this week. We agreed that I could teach image formation. So I trashed his room by turning it in to a Camera Obscura and had the students sit around in the dark. This is a photograph taken by a student of the image projected in to the room. I have worked on it in Photoshop (flipped 180 and mirrored for a more dramatic result- I’m not correcting the perspective).
It was a good lesson and obviously there was a lot more to it than have them sitting in the dark staring at a dull image projected on to the wall. Hopefully the learning will have sunk in!

By lisafotos

I live in Edinburgh and graduated with a degree in Photography from Napier University. I loved travelling when i was younger which helped me form a strong world-view. I specialised my career to working with predominantly children and young people to develop their creative skills and, hopefully in the process, some additional skills and knowledge

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