An Addendum…

Lucas Samaras was interviewed recently about his thoughts on ‘the selfie’, it’s superficiality and his objection to it. He also comments on Rembrandt…

“What is going on now is considered raw and therefore of interest to analyze. That diminishes the value of self-portraiture, especially when someone decides to see the difference between the professional and the non-professional, which is mostly junk. Many people have stopped searching for an intelligent, intellectual criticism. The selfie mentality demonstrates a very aggressive behavior: it’s like going to a museum and saying : “screw the Rembrandt.”

By lisafotos

I live in Edinburgh and graduated with a degree in Photography from Napier University. I loved travelling when i was younger which helped me form a strong world-view. I specialised my career to working with predominantly children and young people to develop their creative skills and, hopefully in the process, some additional skills and knowledge

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