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Music and Photography

I am starting a new project in Stirling tomorrow, working with Brian the musician and a group of care experienced children and young people. It’s been quite a long conversation as Brian and I work out the best way to combine our talents to work collaboratively with this cohort. i was telling Brian about a project I delivered at a primary school in Falkirk which uses music and photography. I thought I would revisit this way of workign and remind myself how many possibilities there are when working collaboratively in photography and other art forms.

Music and art combine to create a narrative image based on the story of Peter and the Wolf (my favourite is the David Bowie narrated version). This image was created using a photographic technique called painting with light. The canvas is made up of single painting with light shapes digitally stitched together in Photoshop. A painting with light image is created with a moving light source such a torch or a glow stick which is captured on a long exposure. By stiching together lots of separate images it allows a whole class to take part in a final piece of work.

I will update this post as Brian and I continue on with the project.