Future Self


I’m currently working with the P7 class of Fallin Primary School for the Future Self project. It’s been incredibly busy but really enjoyable. This group of boys were in their costumes just before lunch when the bell rang…
Boys: can we keep these on til we go and collect our lunch?
Me: will I get in trouble from your teacher?
Boys: nah she won’t mind
Me: ok keep them on til you’ve had your lunch then you’ll need to take them off
Boys: great! We’re kept in anyway

They ate their lunches in their costumes and grudgingly accompanied me back to the car to leave them.
Their costumes (and indeed the whole project) is based upon the idea of what you hope to do for a living in 20 years time. They loved being dressed up and it makes me smile to see them enjoying costume.
I hope to get some model release forms from parents so I can publish a few of the images from the project and I’m hoping to write a case study with feedback from the class teachers I’m working with.
In the meantime here’s a picture of the boys pointing to the boot of my car, boot bulging with costumes and props

By lisafotos

I live in Edinburgh and graduated with a degree in Photography from Napier University. I loved travelling when i was younger which helped me form a strong world-view. I specialised my career to working with predominantly children and young people to develop their creative skills and, hopefully in the process, some additional skills and knowledge

2 replies on “Future Self”

Hi, I have only just found out this project was actually running in Fallin Primary, after seeing a picture of my son displayed at the schools Leavers Assembly. Can you give me more info …… where do the pictures go? who see’s these pictures? is there an opportunity for parents to get copies of the prints? Thanks, A Davidson

Hi Andrea! Every child gets their own smaller version to take home with them. Mrs Whealan has them. We are also having all 113 portraits from all the participating schools on exhibition the week after next and your child will have an invite in with their photograph so please come along! We are asking parents and school staff to come along and are also looking for volunteers to look after the exhibition space. Mrs Whealan has info or feel free to contact me via my blog! Hope you liked the work the children worked very hard on their project! Thanks for stopping by my blog and please pass on to any other parents! Cheers

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