Future Self!


We are careering towards the launch of the Future Self exhibition in Stirling on Monday and it’s down to the last few tasks- order the vinyl lettering and layout the interpretation text and then it’s just the 113 portraits to hang!! Writing the interpretation text is the bit i don’t like doing- it’s really hard to concentrating three month’s work in to a few sentences. I want to write about all the planning meetings, upload all the worksheets, show you the photographs the children took themselves, share their funny anecdotes, tell you more about them and their stories. Until then, here’s a little formal writing on the project…

Future Self is a photography project which aims to support children and young people at the transition stage within primary school before going up to high school.

 Future Self supported children and young people from the Primary 7 classes of Bannockburn, Cornton and Fallin Primary Schools to explore what they might like to do in the future with regards to career or further study, reflecting too on how they might change in the coming years and the skills they need or would like to develop. As they reflect on their time at primary school and look forward to starting high school, Future Self aims to use transition work being done by class teachers as a starting point for reflection on their school career to date and how they may develop and hone their skills whilst at high school to realise their ideas for future careers.

 Through discussion and exploration in class and at home, and creatively through photography and costume, the children created a double photographic self-portrait of themselves as they are now and who they think they might be in 20 years time. The children are encouraged when taking the photograph of them as they are now, to consider a piece of advice they should give their future selves to enable their career goals. Then, using costume and make-up the children are transformed into that ‘future self’ and re-photographed. These two separate images are then merged in Photoshop and here today are the 113 portraits of the children who took part in the project.

 At the beginning of the project the children visited the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh and learned about pose and symbolism in art. Back in class the children learned about representation in photography and how the way we choose to represent ourselves in public can reflect upon our later lives.

 Future Self has reached a broad spectrum of children across Stirling.  Engaging in creative experiences can create a thriving learning environment, transforming levels of aspiration, enthusiasm, motivation, self esteem, critical thinking and openness to new ideas.”




Future Self


I’m currently working with the P7 class of Fallin Primary School for the Future Self project. It’s been incredibly busy but really enjoyable. This group of boys were in their costumes just before lunch when the bell rang…
Boys: can we keep these on til we go and collect our lunch?
Me: will I get in trouble from your teacher?
Boys: nah she won’t mind
Me: ok keep them on til you’ve had your lunch then you’ll need to take them off
Boys: great! We’re kept in anyway

They ate their lunches in their costumes and grudgingly accompanied me back to the car to leave them.
Their costumes (and indeed the whole project) is based upon the idea of what you hope to do for a living in 20 years time. They loved being dressed up and it makes me smile to see them enjoying costume.
I hope to get some model release forms from parents so I can publish a few of the images from the project and I’m hoping to write a case study with feedback from the class teachers I’m working with.
In the meantime here’s a picture of the boys pointing to the boot of my car, boot bulging with costumes and props