The measure of it all…

Rebecca photographing at Limerigg, December 2012 I have been working weekly with HYPE (Helping Young People Engage) which assists young people transitioning from school to work/further education through skills training to move on to positive destinations. What began as a ten week course in partnership with West Lothian Heritage Services to collect oral histories andContinue reading “The measure of it all…”

Mapplethorpe-inspired portraiture

“The guiding principle of ARTIST ROOMS is the concept of individual rooms devoted to particular artists. The collection of over 725 works includes major groups of work by seminal artists… The aim of the collection is to create a new national resource of contemporary art that will be shared with museums and galleries throughout the UKContinue reading “Mapplethorpe-inspired portraiture”

Great Art Quest

Great Art Quest “Each year Great Art Quest introduces children from 16 primary schools in the UK to the visual arts by partnering them with local galleries, professional artists and storytellers. Great Art Quest works in high-need areas and schools taking part in Great Art Quest are specially selected based on Ofsted reports and localContinue reading “Great Art Quest”

Positive destinations

One of the best parts of my work is when I say goodbye to some of the people I have worked with knowing that they are on to new things in life. One of the more recent times was working with the young people on the HYPE project in West Lothian. HYPE (Helping Young PeopleContinue reading “Positive destinations”

Inspiration takes many forms and hits at any time…

Yesterday I was working through in Falkirk with a group of young people about to start high school. One of the boys was very keen to have his photograph taken. I’ve never been that keen on photographing people facing me smiling and moreover it’s not easy to gain permissions to use images of children andContinue reading “Inspiration takes many forms and hits at any time…”